NFT Botanicals are your passport to Matt Legge's new private subscription only podcast "Matt Legge Questions", Matt's ebooks and online information sharing community.

Matt's new podcast is a paid subscription model featuring cutting edge new ideas and innovations delivered in real time along with a collection of traditional knowledge and experiences. Your NFT gives you access for the lifetime of the podcast and the community.

It all starts with a seed...

“There is no darkness in this Universe. There is only the presence of light and the absence of it.” – Albert Einstein

Private sale 375 Cyberseed Alpha Passes

First movers get an incredible opportunity to get in early at incredible value.

Power to the people!

I am sharing my secrets with you.

I have learnt a lot of over the years that could help many people. Life is short and unpredictable and at any moment the knowledge I have gained could be lost forever. I have spent the last 20 years censored, edited, blocked, and deleted. I have been fined and threatened with jail, for sharing true and accurate helpful information. Other discoveries and inventions have been rejected, hidden, and shelved or abandoned.

I am sharing my knowledge and that of my network of experts that want to join our community and share information because it is the right thing to do. Cutting edge new ideas and innovations delivered in real time along with a collection of traditional knowledge and experiences.



Alpha Pass

It all starts with planting a seed.

375 Seed NFTs to be released on the Polygon network on Opensea.

The initial phase of releasing seeds to those who want to get involved in our mission and have access to the information and tools will be the first step toward building our community.

Each seed holder will be rewarded for early adoption and airdropped 2 plant NFTs at the upcoming launch of Stage 2.

Stage 2


Let There Be Plants

3 public mints of 2500 NFTs starting 15th March 2022 and consisting of 50 different plants generated with randomised backgrounds. Each mint will have the following plant types
  • Super Rare (3 plants) 2% of nfts minted (3 x 15) total 45
  • Rare (6 plants) 8% of nfts minted (6 x 30) total 180
  • Semi Rare (9 plants) 18% of nfts minted (9 x 45) total 405
  • Normal (32 plants) 72% of nfts minted (9 x 60) total 1870
Access to
  • Matt Legge Questions Private Podcast
  • Ebooks
  • Discord Private Group Access
  • Herbal monograph download for your plant

The monographs list in depth plant information, botanical and analytical technical data along with traditional methods of production and uses. The herbal monographs are collected to complete specific chapters in books.

Stage 3

NFT botanicals has big ambitions and plans for wellness in web 3.0. NFT botanicals is on a mission to preserve and share traditional knowledge and keep real-life information about plants, herbs and spices alive in the metaverse and the new realms of web 3.0.

Entrepreneurs, executives, hustlers, and grinders will spend a lot of time in this realm and need a place clear their mind, calibrate their physical body, and awaken other senses.  

You will need access to useful information, innovative solutions to new problems, experts and the information and tools they provide to help you live a healthy and happy life while doing everything you want to do in web 3.0.

The Community

Natural medicine information is being lost and destroyed right before our eyes. Healing techniques and ancient secrets are disappearing. We will collect, protect, and share earth’s lessons and traditional knowledge and bring it into the new realm so we can use it to help ourselves and others as the world enters the new phase of web 3.0.

NFT Botanicals give you exclusive VIP access to our private discord community where you will get access to real world information for health and wellness along with specific biohacking tips and protocols to maximise gaming performance and recovery.

We'll also discuss our upcoming Book airdrops to give a little insight into which plants are most likely to be included so you can collect them. 

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