NFT Botanicals is a growing collection of botanical NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Daryl Shaw from Dollop Digital had been working on NFT project ideas and researching metaverse, cryptocurrency to get an understanding of some of the possibilities. He reached out to his friend Matt Legge as an innovation consultant to help come up with some ideas that could be fun.

Meanwhile, Matt Legge was having an existential crisis over the loss of freedom of speech and over-censorship while trying share content about herbal medicine, functional foods, and wellness. Trying to share with the world through social media, popular streaming sites hosting podcasts and video content. The problem is that this type of information is subject to censorship and regulation with extreme penalties. Every country has different laws and consequences for infringement. Matt has previously experienced threats of jail and multimillion dollar fines and has had years’ worth of work deleted and removed from history as it did not suit a narrative or an approved statement.

Regardless of how factual and helpful the information was. The information then becomes so compromised through over censorship and editing that history was being rewritten and old information was being deleted and lost through over regulation and censorship. Daryl asked Matt if he would be keen to enter a new world, a whole new realm; the world of NFTs and blockchain and the new ever expanding metaverse. Daryl explained how the blockchain can preserve information, how the NFT community can help to distribute and share the information and keep it alive and time stamp this moment in history and their part in the preservation of secrets that would otherwise be burnt. The metaverse is a whole new opportunity to ensure history is recorded accurately for the future with so many possibilities and as it is so new it is important to ensure some “real” earth knowledge and old wisdom finds a place in this new realm, so it is not lost and left behind. It is too easy to just make up fictional plants and animals just for the sake of making up a story but how is that helping anyone, memorizing made up words and non-practicable recipes when you could be sharing real information that is accurate and useful in the real world.

Matt Legge, 25 years as a naturopath and herbalist specializing in food as medicine and herbal formulations. Initially working compounding herbal formulations in clinics for individual clients and then designing formulations for natural wellness companies before creating his own brand. Matt was a cofounder of ATP Science wellness company focusing on product development and education through the ATP Project podcast which was regularly ranked in the top five global health (fitness & nutrition) podcasts with over 400,000 listeners per month before Matt resigned from his role as director and head of innovation. To find out more about Matt click here.

Daryl Shaw, has over 20 years experience in design, web development and digital marketing. He’s worked with some major brands in that time such as Billabong, Body Science, Ultratune, Oscar Oscar and more.

NFT botanicals are motivated by the escalating need to preserve information and protect ancient knowledge derived from trial and error of traditional medicine systems and added to through modern science. Information is being lost through marketing censorship, conflict of interest in mainstream media and many social media channels. Through the financial interests in science and research funding we are not continuing to learn about earth's secrets if there is no return on investment. Information and earth's secrets can be preserved through decentralization and blockchain as NFT.

Your NFT Botanical gives you an opportunity to join a community of people to protect and progress this valuable information.

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