Weekly podcasts hosted by Matt Legge https://www.mattlegge.com/about/ and friends.

Matt has recently resigned from Naturopathy and his wellness supplement business to focus on sharing everything he has learnt. Matt has plenty of experience and knowledge to share and has a great network of experts that are also keen to share their secrets with our community.

Matt has 25 years’ experience in the wellness industry working to build products and protocols for all types of people from elite athletes to the terminally ill and then taking those ideas through to create a startup enterprise that grew to be one of Australia’s leading wellness brands and the development of award-winning finished products distributed globally. Matt was also co-host of ATP Project podcast which was regularly ranked in the top five global health (fitness & nutrition) podcasts with over 400,000 listeners per month. Matt has a vast array of practical information he can share and a way of delivering so that you can understand it and use it.  

Access to podcast through “Subscription” at $5 per week. 

NFT botanicals token holders get full access to the podcasts. 



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