What's Included?

What is an NFT botanical holder?

NFT botanicals has big ambitions and plans for wellness in web 3.0. NFT botanicals is on a mission to preserve and share traditional knowledge and keep real-life information about plants, herbs and spices alive in the metaverse and the new realms of web 3.0.

With a “once off” purchase of an NFT botanicals product you will get full access to the secrets. The NFT is a token that you own and it is used to prove your identity and membership into the exclusive community.

NFT botanicals tokens give you

  • Access to podcasts
  • Access to community and direct chat in the discord channel
  • Access to future tools and services in web 3.0
  • Discounts in store

Current soft launch with cyber seeds, there is a relatively secret sale going on right now to give access to the secret info. (Secret due to the massive drop in crypto and the deal is now way too good at current ETH value, and we don’t want to share it anymore shhh). If you purchase a cyber seed, you will be airdropped 2 plant NFT at the actual launch. You can “gift”, “sell” or “collect” the second plant.

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